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January Books

Yay! The end of the month is over! We have now survived the first 31 days of January! As you guys know, I’ve been doing the 100 Books in a Year challenge. That means 8.3 books a month!

This month I really hit the wheel and got 12 books down. 🤣😎 First, I want to present book of the month! *Twee-twee-twee-tweeeeee!*🎉 Announcing… of the month…….

~City of Orphans~


City of Orphans, by Avi, is set in 1893, New York, just rounding the corner before WWI. Maks, a thirteen-year-old newsie, making 8 cents a week tries his best to keep his family running. He teams up with his new homeless friend Willa to try to save his sister Emma from a framed robbery. This story encaptivates the reader by sympathizing with Maks poor family living in a small flat. Though tension rises  the family stays together, a good moral that may should value. 👌 Along with sticking together, Maks learns to overcome the biggest Newsie bully, Bruno, leader of the Plug Uglies.

I really came away with this book really intrigued with this era…there where very realistic diseases, pains, struggles and hope. I loved the theme, the plot and the twists…Yet I didn’t care for the writing style. Avi seems to connect yet keep a distance from Maks thoughts, her writing seemed a little choppy, allowing the reader to create Maks world. When she did describe the surroundings, I loved the well-drawn images she described with her words. The book does contain some wonderful sketches, which make the book just a little more intriguing. As beautiful as it was, because I couldn’t completely connect with the character and didn’t care for the choppy writing, I would rate the book four stars.  ★★★★☆


~The Missing Series~

Jonah, a average thirteen-year-old middle schooler seeks to find his true identity. Though he loves his foster family, he discovers that he is  “one of the missing.” It begins with mysterious letters, connections, secrecy and a list of other “missing children.” Jonah discovers these children just as they are whisked away through time to return to their proper place.

SPOILERS: Jonah and the other thirteen children are all famous children/people from history who have been kidnapped to sell in the future. Future time travelers try to return them to their proper era.

Though I don’t care at all for time-traveling books or sci-fi….I really enjoyed this series. My favorite from the series would have to be the first book. It was very intriguing, mysterious and kept the reader engaged every minute. After that, the books seem to degrade in quality, it gets as one might say “a little cheesy.” I did not complete the eight books since our library only carried the first six. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves time travel, sci-fi or certain eras of history. As an average, these rank on my I’ll-probably-not-be-reading-those-again,-but-i’d-like-to-finish-the-series. 

~Shadow children~

Margaret Peterson Haddix does it again producing a wonderful series on the secret life of Luke, who goes by many as Lee. Luke is a twelve-year-old shadow child, the forbidden third child of a poor farming family. His life is one of many, living hidden in the attic of his family’s home. One day it all changes, the barons of the government move in and now Luke is forbidden to even step near a window…someone might see him. As he secretly watches the barons take a new life in the peaceful city he spies another third child, in the barons home. He investigates and soon discovers that there are millions of third children hiding from the government, hiding from the population police. He gets a fake I.D. and moves away to a special school, mostly for third children….but someone is ratting them out…..

I really liked this beginning of the series. (there are seven books but I only read three) It is set in the future yet not far off from reality. Margret Haddix smoothly connects the reader and brings to life a wonderful world. She brings the picture of a daunting life for all shadow children, children who aren’t supposed to exist. (The government has a policy of two children per home.) It brings to life true courage, fear and hope. The books are very easy to get through and recommended for all young readers. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series. ★★★★★

~Geronimo Stilton~

Geronimo Stilton a journalist and afraid of everything becomes hero of the little town by saving the family and business. Cavemice is a discovery of hot lava springs that relieve the rheumatism of his grandma while Geronimo Stiltion Secret Agent shows children that one can not do everything himself, but with the help of friends.

I used to love these books, reading all the ones I could borrow. Growing up in a home with lots of little sibs, I find myself stumbling over their books. Lol. These came from the library, but I still read them anyway. 🤩I don’t care for the “hero of the day” type, but I enjoyed the way Elisabetta Dami illustrates her writing with different fonts. Like this:


I probably won’t read these again, due to the fact that there are other children’s books with stronger morals…..though if you are interested in reading what a journalist mouse has to say…the books all yours! 😉 Sometimes its good to go back and read fun books…they might still be enjoyable!


I hope you’ve enjoyed these reviews…..If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below! (stifles a sheet of need-2-read titles)


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