Bright spots on grey days

Recently, it has been chilly and windy. (Duh, were entering winter) Yet despite my desire to stay warm, i’m still addicted to wearing shorts.

This morning I was reading: Hope Rising by Kim Meeder. 😂

This is a really sweet novel of Crystal Peeks Youth Ranch in Oregon. This ranch is dedicated to rescuing abused horses and connecting them with hurt/abused/castaway children. As I was reading this book, I looked out the window to see grey cold skies revealing the wet-cold ground, cold-watery windows, cold-stiff trees…you got the point.  😜 But as I viewed it with a shudder, I realized how beautiful it was when the sun came out. It reminded me of a quote:

“Everyday may not be good, but find the good in everyday.” -Unknown.

So I did, and it started to make me grateful and look forward to grey days. *Plus one of my favorite colors is grey, not the gloomy grey, but the grey that looks nice on houses, shoes, cars, teeth, clothes, laptops, you get the idea.* 😀

Applying this to another area of my life -my snaps-😍I have been inspired to experiment with a few photos. Please leave a comment, like, suggestion or question! Thanks! 🙂



feather-1295858_960_720 Inkwell Sisters©


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