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Writing Experiments #Nanowrimo

This weeks weekly photo challenge was experiment. In addition to photography, i’ve also tried experimenting with writing.

So with every writing experiment I did, I took a snap. 😏

Experiment 1: Writing in a car.


This was very different, I was able to write 200 hundred words, but it got hot and stuffy fast and was glad when I left and got fresh air.😍

Experiment 2: Writing outside.


Writing outside is really neat. Its quiet, its very peaceful and allowed for easier concentration. I also got another 200 words written! 🙂 There were a lot of airplanes though, so I was able to snap a few. 😍

I also wrote in the house, but that has been my main way of writing, therefore i’m not counting it as a experiment. 🙂 Though I will be trying out new techniques and ways of writing more during Nano.

If you have any favorite places or ways of getting writing done, let me know in the comments below!


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